START „DANCING“ through your life to EMPOWER your CHILDREN! 

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Course overview
  • Coach: Ellen
  • Level: Beginners
  • 1.30pm -3pm EST 
  • For mothers, educators
  • Saturdays 
Course overview
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Certification included
Create a healthy & fit body as well as a strong and positive mindset!
Recharge and fill your cup to be the strong role model  & leader your kids need!

What's included?

  • 14 Live - sessions every Saturday
  • 1 Certification
  • PDF - Workbook 
  • 1 free ebook 
  • BONUS: What’s app support
  • BONUS: 
    How help your children: 
    • To better focus  to learn, 
    • To remember new vocabulary (with movement and fun)
    • learning grammar of a foreign language (German/English) with fun, motivation and movement and be empowered at the same time
    • How to reconnect with your children and teenagers 
    • How to help your children and teens to overcome separation from their father or mother in times of separation/divorce/courtcases 
    • How to create daily routines with your child
    • How to switch negative emotions quickly
    • How to empower your child to gain self-confidence 

Create a healthy & fit body to be the strong role model  & leader your kids need!

  • How to acchieve and keep the weight that you feel comfortable with
  • How to be flexible and balanced
  • How to keep fit and attractive with fun
  • How to defend yourself
  • How to use your body as a tool to change your emotions and improve your energy

Develop a positive and strong mindset to be the leader mom or educator your children need! 

  • How to build a positive and strong mindset to stand up for yourself,
  • to fill your cup and be centred for the „storms“ with your children and teenagers/ husband / family and joblife,
  • Dream BIG - Where and who do you really want to be? How do you want to feel? 
  • Goal - creation - how to set the right goals and how to follow through,
  • Establishing power - routines, 
  • Which negative believes have you grown that have been holding you back and which do you not want anymore and how to turn negative into positive affirmations,
  • How to forgive (not forget!) and take your power back,
  • How to set yourself up to strong/centered  and positve for your day,
  • How to forgive yourself and others and take your power back,
  • To do what you really love and become successful, abundant and happy and show your children and teenagers that everything is possible! 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Ellen Wulfert

For more than 20 years, I have been working as German Bi-lingual educator for English and PE, as a yoga-, fitness and dance instructor as well as a body- and mindset coach, teaching and coaching thousands of children and teenagers, parents and educators.  
Having participated in a 4 years yoga-teacher training as wells been taught by mentors and coaches like Les Brown, Jon Talarico and Tony Robbins and international dance legends like Marvin A. Smith, Milo Levell, Madonna Grimes and many more, I have acquired quintessential skillsets. 
I am empowering children and youths, their parents and educators to stand up for themselves and to „dance“ through their self-determined lives of theirdreams full of health, joy, happiness, success, abundance and freedom, living their full potentials, loving what they do and live a life that outlives them! 
My vision and mission is to show every siegle one of my clients how to create a healthy and fit body as well a positive and strong mindset to connect with themselves and to get empowered and through this be able to better connect with our children or teenagers and to be the strong positive role model they need.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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