Conversational German with motivation, movement and fun!

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Course features
  • Instructor: Ellen
  • Level: beginners
  • Saturdays 

  • Exams: 4 
  • Age:  6 - 12,
    Others welcomed, too!
  • 12:00 - 1am EST
Course overview
Conversational German for Kids
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Certification included
Learn useful phrases you need in everyday life to be able to communicate and connect with German speaking people in the world! 
Learn to speak like a native German speaker from day one with motivation, movement and fun! 

What's included?

  • 14 life sessions
  • 1 Certification
  • Important for conversations  
  • 14 PDF
  • 14 audios/recordings of how to pronounce the learned phrases

You will learn: 

  • German phrases you need in everyday life to be able to connect and communicate with German speaking people all over the world
  • How to remember new vocabulary with movement and fun!
  • How to learn boring grammar with through movement and fun and motivation and be empowered at the same time!
  • Having conversations in German 🇩🇪

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Ellen Wulfert

For more than 20 years, I have been working as German Bi-lingual educator for English and PE, as a yoga-, fitness and dance instructor as well as a body- and mindset coach, teaching and coaching thousands of children and teenagers, parents and educators.  
Having been taught by mentors and coaches like Les Brown, Jon Talarico and Tony Robbins as well as international dance legends like Marvin A. Smith, Milo Levell, Madonna Grimes and many more, I have acquired quintessential skillsets. 
My vision and mission is to show every single one of my clients how to create a healthy and fit body and a positive and strong mindset as well as speaking a foreign language like English or German fluently to be able to connect and communicate with amazing people around the world and through this open up to many more possibilities.  
I am empowering children, teenagers, their parents and educators to stand up for themselves and to „dance“ through their self-determined lives of their dreams full of health, joy and happiness, as well as  abundance and freedom, living their full potentials and live a life that outlives them! 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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