H.E.R Story Anthology

Andrea Adams

Contributing Author

Carolyn Wilson


Darieth Chisolm

H.E.R Story Anthology is all about the empowered woman. Many of us have stories that we want to share but don't always know how or where to start.

Visionary Carolyn Wilson has allowed H.E.R Story of being Healed, Empowered and Resilient to motivate women around the world and this book is no different. This anthology is more than a book, its a movement!. H.E.R Story is a collection of short stories from 25 phenomenal women from around the globe sharing H.E.R Story of being Healed, Empowered and Resilient so that another woman reading their stories can finally have the courage & voice to share hers!!!

What's included?

  • 1 Book
  • Subscription to H.E.R Story Updates(tour dates,media appearances both virtual and in person, etc.)
  • 1 Free Coaching session from Andrea Adams
  • Video from the visionary
  • 2 PDF's


This book is dedicated to all the women around the globe who have a story that is yearning to get it out. Yet she seeks the courage to finally tell it in order to set her spirit free. Just know that now is the time.....the world is waiting to hear and embrace H. E.R Story!!!!!- Carolyn


I am........

You are......

We are............ H.E.R
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