The Creative Writer

Claudia Vidal

Course Creator & Instructor
The creative writer course is designed to unleash the writer in your child. Upon completion of this course your child will be a published author and have the opportunity to gain residual income from book sales.

What's included?

  • 18 Weeks
  • 1 Certification
  • Published Book
  • Video's 
  • PDF's

Purpose, Values + Vision


Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Claudia Vidal

Claudia is a Training & Development Specialist with a Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapeutic Coaching background. She's passionate about empowering people to create meaningful work that contributes to
collective well-being. Claudia has spent most of her career in the nonprofit sector, gaining experience in program coordination, risk management, facilitation, and training & development. While training professionals is her primary job function by day, she also facilitates independent workshops at local schools and non-profit organizations.


Claudia's mission is to help leaders and team members develop exceptional relationships with and among internal & external stakeholders by facilitating conversations that engage all parties in a personal, social & worldview exploration.

Benefits & Community 

Participants not only receive value from working one-on-one with Claudia at her workshops, but they find the most significant insights in tapping into the container's collective wisdom. In this space, they can learn from one another and access universal knowledge to support & enhance their specific needs.

email: v i d a l @ c l a u d i a v i d a l i n c . c o m
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